• The world's most advanced workout. Learning, tracking and adjusting to your body's needs.

  • Welcome to the future…

  • Your entire workout

  • Effective for anyone at any fitness level…beginner to pro.

  • Kubex Facility

    The Facility

    You have never experienced anything like KUBEX! The world's most advanced fitness system progresses you through 29 one-minute exercise KUBES.

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  • The Difference

    No calculating, no frustration, no stress. KUBEX is everything you have ever wanted in an exercise and fitness program at the touch of a screen.

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  • The Privacy

    No intimidation. No judging.
    Your KUBEX workout is done in total privacy. It is like having your own personal gym.

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  • The Technology

    KUBEX is a revolution in exercise! Thousands of hours, 15+ years of research and millions of dollars have been invested creating the KUBEX system.

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